SEO Headline Here – Washington Post & Google Fail

I really should be in bed but figured this might raise a smirk/grimace amongst other SEOs.

On doing a search for ‘SEO’ in I noticed that the News result had the title ‘SEO headline here’. Looked a little odd so I thought I’d check out the story. Turns out its an article on The Washington Post site with the real title of ‘Weather Beaten‘. Nothing to do with SEO!

I couldn’t find any reference to SEO on the page or in the source code (apart from a class tag) but then I spotted that if you looked at the preview for the site in the SERP, the text was there.

Washington Post SEO Fail

So it looks like whoever uploaded the article forgot to add the correct title for the article, the page got cached, they corrected it later.

Interesting that The Washington Post class the article title as an SEO headline.

Annoying that they ranked for ‘SEO’ in Google news with only the mere mention of the word apparantly once on the page content  and of course in the meta title.

Funny that the next article under this one is about Google cracking down on SEO spam.

Kind of ironic really………….

27. February 2011 by Caroline
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