WordPress in a Subdirectory without the Security Risk

If you have an existing website and are looking to add a WordPress blog you will need to decide where you are going locate the installation.

The choice of using a subdomain or subdirectory depends on many factors. Usually the subdirectory is first choice from an SEO perspective but developers are often concerned about the security risks of hosting WordPress on the same server as the main site.

It is understandable that your developer will want to protect the site from potential vulnerabilities so he may suggest (or even try to insist) that the blog is installed on a subdomain as this can easily be hosted on a separate server.

If you feel this is a less than satisfactory arrangement as it compromises the SEO benefits of your blog then you may be pleased to learn that you can in fact host the contents of a subdirectory on a different server to your main content.

For Apache hosting this is fairly straight forward using mod proxy.

For IIS servers it’s more complicated (isn’t it always?). Try using ISAPI_Rewrite 3 and the RewriteProxy directive.

So there you have it. A solution that keeps both devs and SEOs happy!

If you know of any alternative ways to host WordPress in a subdirectory whilst minimising risk please share it by commenting on this post.

08. January 2015 by Caroline
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The Value of Reciprocity – A Guest Blogging Case Study for SEOBarcamp

On 22nd August I attended an SEO conference at the Google Campus in London called #SEOBarcamp. It’s organised by Chee Ho Wan and Kevin Gibbons and brings together 50 or so in-house SEO’s, many from well known brands.

It’s a valuable event as in-house SEO’s can often work alone unlike agency staff. SEOBarcamp is a good opportunity to discuss recent algorithm changes and what methods work for SEO and what don’t as well as developing a network of contacts.

I was one of the speakers at the conference and presented a guest blogging case study. Historically, SEOs are against reciprocal working as they believe there is little or no value in it. My challenge was to prove them wrong and open their eyes to forming partnerships with other brands.

I got some great feedback as well as several offers of content exchanges with quality brands so I consider it a job well done.

View the presentation on slideshare:

[slideshare id=14058862&doc=envirofone-thevalueofreciprocityv2-0-120824032344-phpapp01]

Can’t see it? Click here

If you have any questions or would like to partner with Envirofone please get in touch.

25. August 2012 by Caroline
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Web Design Advice for Local Businesses

Can anyone recommend a good Equine Website Company please?”

I need a website for my livery service, can anyone recommend a good, cheap website company who specialise in equestrian websites … ?”

I answered this question recently on a horse forum and really the advice I gave is valid for any small, local business in any niche.

“Having worked as a freelance webdesigner (I don’t any more), I advise you to not focus on finding someone who specialises in equestrian web design but just to find a local company that does good web design for any niche.

You can work with people remotely but there’s no substitute for sitting down in front of someone you are doing business with.

Have a look at the websites of local business in your area, find a site site that suits your needs and contact that company to find out who made it. Otherwise scroll to the bottom of the site and there may be a ‘designed by:’ tag there.

Another bit of advice for you. Make sure you register the domain yourself and if possible also set up the hosting. You may need advice on these subjects but a good web design company will point you in the right direction. You need to do this to avoid any possible future scenario of you not having control over your own website.

Also, if you are expecting to get your site found when someone searches for livery yards in your area you will also need someone who can do SEO. If I were you I would try to find a company that builds your site to SEO best practise from the start as it will probably cost more than the site cost to build to have an expert go back in to work on it later.

Lastly take a look at Google Places (if you haven’t already). It’s important that you register a Google Places page for your business regardless of whether you have a website or not as it it will help you to appear in Google Local search results.”


Of course there is a lot more to web design, SEO and local search than I’ve covered above but the main point I wanted to make is to not be restricted by looking for a designer that works within a certain niche. This may apply to particularly competitive verticals but for the for average, smal local business you are better off looking for a good allrounder and most importantly someone you can trust to build your website.

30. January 2012 by Caroline
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