Domain Names and Reputation Management

With the numbers of people using the internet to search for products and services constantly on the rise it’s becoming increasingly important for a company to manage its online reputation.

One of the simplest, most efficient and cost effective ways to do this is to use a domain name.

Many company websites are on domain names that are based on keywords. For example: This is a great idea and can increase the SEO friendliness of your site.

A wise business will also register the company name as a domain, i.e. This will not only protect the corporate identity of the business by blocking a third party from registering it, but will also enable the company to set up a site focused on the brand rather than the product or service it is selling.

If you have a website set up on a domain that is based on your company name, even with some basic SEO techniques, it should be ranking highly whenever anybody searches for that name.

Use this brand focused site to report positive news about the company and link it to any social media profiles that you may have. Use a blog facility to keep the site regularly updated and therefore spidered by the search engines.

If your company then suffers from some bad reviews or other negative publicity it should be an easier task to keep the offending pages from appearing above your own site in the SERPs.

With a little effort your brand site plus social media pages could occupy enough of the top 10 to keep bad reviews off the front page for good!

Caroline Bell
SEO Advisor

01. September 2009 by Caroline
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