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As an SEO Advisor I mostly use the Firefox browser when looking for issues on a site as there are a multitude of useful plugins and add-ons that make life a lot easier.

Below is a list that I use on an almost daily basis to analyse client and competitor sites. There are a lot more available on the Mozilla site.

In addition I have added links to other useful tools for an SEO such as back link checkers and sitemap generators.

Firefox Add-ons/Plugins


SeoQuake allows you to view a variety of parameters for websites including the PR, Alexa Rank, Yahoo links and cached pages. It’s a great tool to use when doing competitor analysis.

SEO Open

Right click an area of a web page for quick access to a number of tools to check http headers, inbound links, page rank and more.

SEO for Firefox

This plugin shows adds useful data to Google and Yahoo’s SERPs. This includes domain age, .edu links, DMOZ, bloglines and Whois info. (Free registration to SEO Bok required)

Fire Shot

Fireshot creates screenshots of web pages and has tools to allow you to annotate the image.

Web Developer

Possible one of the the plugins I use the most when analysing a web page. Includes tools for manipulating CSS, javascript, images and html validation.

Live Http Headers

Displays useful data such as host, server and cookie information.


A quick indication of whether Google Analytics is installed on a web page.

Fire FTP

A free FTP tool with facilities to quick connect or create multiple accounts.

Server Spy

This tool indicates what type of server a website is running.


Excellent tool for debugging websites. You can make real time changes to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Http Fox

Provides information such as request and response headers, cookies and querystring parameters.


Allows easy checking of keyword density. Google PR, nofollow links, internal and backlinks and more.

Site Information Tool

Gives information including whois, Google PR, Alexa rank, link details, IP address, response headers and more.

Google Preview

Adds a preview thumbnail and PR rank to Yahoo and Google SERPs.

IE Tab Options

Just click the button to easily see how a site looks in IE then click again to go back to Firefox view.

Yellow Pipe

Displays a Lynx view of a page from a website. This is possible how a search engine sees a website.

Other Useful SEO Tools

Internet officer Redirect Check

A really useful tool for indentifying if a url is a direct link or if it has a 301, 302 or meta refresh in place.

Marketleap Link Popularity Check

A handy tool for checking numbers of back links to a site. Results are displayed using other sites as a guide to popularity. The trend/history report can give a useful indication of how many links a site has had over a given time.

Netcraft Toolbar

Meant as a phishing attack tool but useful for SEOs as it displays a sites hosting location and domain age.

Majestic SEO

Gives detailed link reporting including back links and anchor text data. Results are shown in order of importance and can be exported in .CSV files.

This is a non exhaustive list so feel free to suggest your own free useful SEO tools.

Caroline Bell
SEO Advisor

16. September 2009 by Caroline
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