The benefits of blog comments in SEO

At Just Search we regularly advise our clients about the advantages of integrating a blog with their site to aid search engine optimisation. It’s easy to see the benefits of adding a blog to your web site but what about allowing comments in posts?

Believe it or not, blog comments can actually assist with SEO and here’s why!

One of the main reasons for adding a blog for optimisation purposes is to add regularly updating content to your website. Allowing comments is enabling people to build the content for you. Imagine that you have a popular post that has fired an ongoing discussion. These comments are increasing the content to code ratio of that page with little effort from you.

When writing the comments your users will also be likely to use the same keywords that you have optimised the post for. They will also use other related keywords and phrases that you haven’t used thus increasing your chances of being found in the SERPs.

If you are writing good quality blogs, allowing users to interact by writing comments also encourages loyalty which can result in return visits. These users may also post links to interesting discussions on third party sites.

If you do allow comments you will need to ensure that you moderate them as spammers will take advantage otherwise.

Caroline Bell
SEO Advisor

01. September 2009 by Caroline
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