The Value of Reciprocity – A Guest Blogging Case Study for SEOBarcamp

On 22nd August I attended an SEO conference at the Google Campus in London called #SEOBarcamp. It’s organised by Chee Ho Wan and Kevin Gibbons and brings together 50 or so in-house SEO’s, many from well known brands.

It’s a valuable event as in-house SEO’s can often work alone unlike agency staff. SEOBarcamp is a good opportunity to discuss recent algorithm changes and what methods work for SEO and what don’t as well as developing a network of contacts.

I was one of the speakers at the conference and presented a guest blogging case study. Historically, SEOs are against reciprocal working as they believe there is little or no value in it. My challenge was to prove them wrong and open their eyes to forming partnerships with other brands.

I got some great feedback as well as several offers of content exchanges with quality brands so I consider it a job well done.

View the presentation on slideshare:

[slideshare id=14058862&doc=envirofone-thevalueofreciprocityv2-0-120824032344-phpapp01]

Can’t see it? Click here

If you have any questions or would like to partner with Envirofone please get in touch.

25. August 2012 by Caroline
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