Universal Search Optimisation

Google’s universal search results merge listings from images, maps, news, video , shopping, blogs, books and more into one search engine results page (SERP).

For example if you search for ‘My Little Pony’ (add link http://tinyurl.com/desdt2) in Google.co.uk you will find video and shopping results along with the normal web listings.


Instead of users having to do multiple searches using the various options of images, news etc, Google Universal displays results from all the search databases and displays the best matches.

Research has shown that searchers are more likely to scan down a results page that has a combination of results including eye catching video thumbnails and product images.

To optimise your website for universal search you can use a combination of methods. Some of which are listed below:

• Video
• Social media marketing
• Get listed in Google Maps and Local
• Image optimisation
• Site Content
• Article and Press release submission
• Blogging
• Data feed optimisation (Google Base/Froogle)
• Utilising review websites

Which methods you choose will depend on the type of product or service you are offering and whether your site is a simple static site or e-commerce.

You should of course back up your universal search optimisation campaign with some good quality back linking.

Caroline Bell
SEO Advisor

01. September 2009 by Caroline
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